A Scandal in Belgravia: The Review

Yeah, it's been a while.  :)

I wasn’t going to do this, but a friend asked me where my review of “A Scandal in Belgravia” was.  I do hate to let down friends, and it was a rather jam packed episode that contained so much to love and at the same time, so much to wince over.  This, however, is not really a review.  This is perhaps more of an analysis, or a defence, or just simply an attempt by me to put onto paper what I finally think this episode is all about, and what this episode is about is not what it might appear to be about.


The Detective and The Woman: What’s love got to do with it?
Or… Why I don’t Hate this Episode

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This evening I voted.  ('Yes', by the way, but I don't think it will go through).

On the way home though I passed at least two polling stations (which is why I got confused as to which one I was supposed to be voting in).  Anyway, this mixed with the fact I've been listening to some audio versions of Discworld novels - today was parts 2 and 3 of Night Watch - all I suddenly had in my head while walking home was...

Is that my Polling Station?  It goes, 'what can I get you to drink?'.  It's a pub, that's not my Polling Station.
Is that my Polling Station?  It goes, '£5.99, love."  It's my corner shop, that's not my Polling Station.
Is that my Polling Station?  It goes, 'I'm sorry, you don't have any money to take out.'  It's my bank, that's not my Polling Station.
Is that my Polling Station?  It goes, 'So that's 23, 24, 42, 55 and 56'.  It's my Chinese Takeaway, that's not my Polling Station.
Is that my Polling Station?  It goes, 'What's your address?'.  Yay!  That's my Polling Station.

Or something like that.

Yeah, I have a strange mind.


May the 4th Be With You

Know what, it is not exactly hard to find my blog.  Even if I don't tell you where it is, who hosts it or anything like that, it doesn't exactly require Sherlock Holmes (more the pity) to track it down.  Google my first and surname and the entries include facebook, twitter and my blog.  Google just my first name and the word blog and you'll find it without too much bother.  Throw in the words 'Doctor Who' for good measure and hey presto.

Anyway, why am I saying all this?

That's a good question really, why am I saying this?

Oh yes, today I had another of those slightly strange conversation where you're not quite sure what you said, what you meant and why you said it.  I think at some part of the conversation my sort of former boss suggested setting me up with his housemate and then going around to his place to watch Doctor Who.  Honestly, now it seems like some kind of weird plot to a dream, but I am almost certain that that conversation happened.  In fact I'm pretty certain that it happened because after clarifying some aspects of that situation - like just how many people would be coming round to watch Doctor Who and how old his housemate was - I then mentioned that this really should go on my blog.

The next comment from my 'not quite but kind of, uh, it's a bit complicated' former boss was something along the lines of 'You have a blog?' quickly followed by, 'of course you have a blog, you're the type'.  I did defend myself by pointing out that until Doctor Who had come back I hadn't updated it for 6 months, but apparently that wasn't good enough.  He then said something about seeing if he could find it before asking who I did it through.  I refused to tell him who it was with - other than to confirm who it wasn't with, ie Word Press, etc - I then basically said something about him being free to look for it if he wanted.  Of course I fully well knew that this site is blocked at work, so who knows what will happen, but, like I said before, it's also not that hard to find.

So, my once and possibly future boss, this one is for you.  If you've found it, congratulations, but it wasn't exactly hard.  If not, then oh well, I've entertained the rest of you and given me something to write about.  Which in the end, isn't that what blogging is all about?

And in other news. 

Long day at work.  Long meeting for work after work.  Longer journey than normal to get home from work because of meeting because I didn't finish at the work place that I normally finish at.  Very short stop at Off Licence on my way home.

What?!?!?  Well, there had to be a reason for this post and that reason is called Kopparberg.


And Happy Star Wars Day.

Questions, questions, so many questions

Thought I should say that I am still in the process of processing Doctor Who from yesterday.  I know for a fact I didn't get every little detail that was in it, so I really need to go back and watch it before commenting further. 

On the other hand, I also really need to finish watching The Crimson Petal and the White as well, and when I say 'finish watching' that, I really mean watch it, mainly because so far I have seen about 20 minutes of the whole thing, so only three hours 40 mins to go then.  Oh, and I only have a couple of days to do it in on account of it being taken down from iPlayer. <sigh>

Anyway... Doctor Who - so many questions, so many wibbly wobbly stuff.  Watch this space.



Slightly Bored, So....


<runs round screaming for a few seconds because has little else to do>

Sorry.  Anyway.  I am actually a little bored.  It's 10am.  Technically I should probably be asleep, but I may be too bored to sleep.  I could go downstairs and watch some of The Crimson Petal and the White which I have managed to miss for the past four weeks, but that involves moving and I'm not sure I'm up for the effort.

I've got other things I can do as well, but I just can't find the effort to do it.  Oh well.  So I am going to sit here for a little bit longer typing something particuarly pointless and then finish it with...


Because I can.  So there!   :P



London.  Cabin Pressure.  Benedict Cumberbatch!

I was in the same room as Benedict Cumberbatch.  More than that, I got to stand next to him.  Well, before he ran away from the fan girls saying that he had to go.

I had nothing to do with him running away.

No, really. 


As insane as I might be, there are plenty of other people out there far more insane than me.  I know, we met some of them.  Some of them scared me.

On the other hand, I did manage to get John Finnemore (writer and one of the actors) and Roger Allam's (V for Vendetta; Ashes to Ashes; Throne of Kings) autographs, so not a bad turn out, and I was so close to getting Mr Cumberbatch's.  Although I did get to look at his arse, so all good. :)

Don't want to say too much about Cabin Pressure as it's a bit unfair to put spoilers on the internet, but the first episode they recorded basically played - to hilarious effect - with Benedict's other role.  You know, the famous one.  And speaking of the famous role, apparently he was contractually obligated not to cut his hair for Frankenstein because he goes straight from that to filming Sherlock season two.  Which means his hair is rather long at the moment - almost Sherlock long - although it's his natural ginger, with side burns.

Anyway, probably could keep talking about it, but I'm sure you'll either hear about it from me in person, or have already hear enough.  Anyway, it's late and I have a royal wedding to watch... ;)


O the Deep, Deep Love

Two blog posts in the same week.  Wow, who would have thought.  Although this one is about religion rather than idols Doctor Who.  ;)

I have – due to questions from a work colleague – recently found myself considering the concept of hell; what I believe it to be and why it might exist.  This has been a rather insightful but confusing process as I know what I believe but do so mostly on an instinctive level.  As such I have been struggling to express it, especially verbally.  However – mainly due to Spring Harvest where the topic came up more than once – I believe I have finally managed to break it down and as such have gotten a firmer and clearer view on the subject.

I shall now attempt to explain.


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Tomorrow The Royal Wedding Benedict Cumberbatch and Cabin Pressure